Maureen works with parents and their children globally. Her mentoring program is focused on immediate progress.

Specifically, it helps children learn to:

  • Manage their emotions
  • Calm and self-soothe
  • Make better choices, especially when challenged
  • Create healthy relationships

Children often have big emotions, and need to learn how to manage those feelings as well as develop a positive mindset. Maureen has done just this with 1000's of children successfully. 


  • In-person or remotely (Skype) 

To Register:

Contact the office for availability, pricing or additional questions. Email or phone: 805-633-0750


You were exactly what Lauren needed!  Thank you.
- Martha, mom in UK

 It is always great to have your support. We've tried your techniques and William is getting along better. 

- Melanie, mom in Australia

 Maureen is a brilliant mentor to parents and their children. She truly has a gift in understanding sensitive kids, and helping them.

- Michelle Spieker, mom in US

 Thank you. It has been insightful and as parents we gained validation that what we've been doing with Andrew has been the right path. 

- Parents in Honduras

 Zoe loves having you as a mentor. You have been such a great addition to our lives.

- Courtney, mom in Los Angeles

 Working with you I've learned new strategies and understand my son so much better. Thank you. 

- Lee, dad in Rhode Island

 I'm so grateful for your guidance. It has helped our whole family! 

- Julia, Santa Barbara mom

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Phone: 805-633-0750